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Our preferred artwork format is vector as they are the most suited for screen and pad printing. Vectors contain well-defined elements, such as curves and shapes of various colours. They are scalable due to their mathematical nature and their colours can be easily edited. Vector graphics are often inherently smaller in file size and universally editable and printable.

Vector file extensions: .EPS, .PDF, .Ai or .SVG


Bitmap files are most suitable for printing photo-realistic images that include complex colour variations. However, Bitmap images are not used for screen printing as they can’t be scaled up. This is because, they are mapped to a non-scalable grid of pixels. Bitmap images when enlarged, loose sharpness and edges appear jagged. All Bitmap images provided should be at least 300DPI at print size to ensure a high quality print.

Bitmap file extensions: .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .TIF, .PSD or .BMP


Before we can proceed with the printing of your promotional goods, we must have an Artwork Approval Form signed and returned. This digital proof specifies elements of your design such as artwork size, print colours and will highlight any alterations that are required.

Spot colours

Spot colours are the standard colour matching system used for screen printing. Known as Pantone colours, or PMS (Pantone Matching System) these colours are mixed to specific values in order to successfully print the same colour each time.

Often suffixed by “C” for coated, or “U” for uncoated, this is representative of the substrate (material) that the ink is printed on. This can affect the appearance of the colour due to varying amounts of reflectivity of light between coated and uncoated stocks.
Pantones are used in the 1, 2 or more colour printing process. These colours are often different in appearance on computer screens compared to print, so please refer to your Pantone book if possible. Please specify the Pantone reference with your order.

4 colour process

Named after the 4 process inks used to print the image – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Often referred to as CMYK, Full Colour Process, Full Colour or just “Process”.

The 4 colour process is a much smaller range of colours when compared with the Pantone Matching System. However it is still very effective at reproducing photographs and graduated tones.

Please do not supply artwork with CMYK colours if you are planning on printing a 1 colour design. When you are placing your order, please supply Pantone colours instead.

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