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  • Fairtrade v’s fairly traded

    Fairtrade Banana

    In the race to cut global trade deals how will the conditions of workers across the world be considered by Theresa May’s new government. Millions of cocoa farmers in West Africa still live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.25 a day and millions of coffee farmers still face a year-round struggle to feed themselves. […]

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  • Stirring up debate is only a start

    Cup of Coffee

    MANY of you will no doubt have seen Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recent documentary concerning the fate of UK coffee cups, and how they are not being recycled. It’s raised lots of debate, which is fabulous, but there are also enormous challenges. I should say from the outset that Hugh wasn’t entirely correct when he claimed these […]

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  • Why showing you care counts

    Earth: Why showing you care counts

    I recently read that 87% of global consumers believe businesses should place equal weight on both societal and business issues. Suffice to say, then, the better a brand brings its societal purpose to life in everyday operations, the more successful both its business and social impact will be. These days, marketing is moving away from […]

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  • Home-grown Advantages

    Home Grown Advantages

    The ongoing uncertainty over the Port Talbot steel works and the possible effects on UK manufacturing of a Brexit after the June referendum is continually filling hundreds of column inches in the broadsheets, red tops and online news platforms. The underlying assumption people have is that UK manufacturing has taken a terrible hit over the last […]

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  • Carbon Footprint Calculation

    There are many different formulas for calculating carbon footprint and plenty of organizations offering to undertake the calculations for you. These can vary significantly and therefore give hugely varying results depending which modeling system is used. The larger the focus of calculation the less the variables come to bear. For example calculating the carbon footprint […]

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  • The importance of Trust

    Trust is becoming the most important element of a business’ ‘long term success’. Well I don’t need to discuss it too much as it’s a debate that is generating a vast amount of column inches in the media at the moment. Rather, what I want to explore is how this current way of thinking impacts […]

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  • Green shoots of recovery – excuse the pun

    More and more companies are returning to a green agenda as the economic recovery starts to gather pace. Large businesses and government bodies, small social enterprises and SMEs are once again starting to promote their environmental credentials. A recent example was the Ricoh Company Ltd’s “Ricoh Global Eco Action” initiative. The company stepped up its global […]

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  • Compromises and Conundrums

    With offices within sight of the Bristol Channel we are closer than many to the debate surrounding the Severn Estuary “barrier”; a project to build a structure spanning the Severn estuary to generate Green Energy from the power of the tide and waves. In the most basic terms opinion is split between the impacts this […]

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  • Standing out from the crowd

    I was recently invited to join a class of film students in their final year at Newport University to discuss how to get environmental topics onto TV. Not a BBC2 or Radio 4 public broadcast type documentary, there are plenty of them, and frankly they are too worthy and preachy. What was being discussed was […]